Workshop Aix-Montpellier-UC Berkeley: 8 June 2021

Workshop 8 June 2021

(Aix-Marseille; Montpellier; UC Berkeley)

(9 am – 10:15 am) Session 1: Modes / media of knowledge

Laura Ritland: “‘Disinterestedness” as a Victorian critical concept”

Max Kaisler: “Barometry / the barometer: atmospheric Pressure, feeling and knowledge”

Kévin Cristin: “Travel writing and engineering: Robert Louis Stevenson’s professional and   literary wanderings”

(10:20-10:50 am) Session 2: Roundtable

“Decolonizing Victorian Studies” – a conversation: Sukanya Banerjee, Ian Duncan

(10:50-11:00 am) BREAK

11:00-12:15 Session 3: Gender / sex / the self

Charlotte Chassefière: “Constructions of the self in the novels of Charlotte Dacre”

Mary Mussman: “Biographical apocrypha, novelistic analogy, the roman à clef, and A.C. Swinburne’s re-conceiving of gender vis-à-vis George Sand”

Alice Borrego: “Destabilising discursivity in Rebecca West’s The Return of the Soldier (1918)”

12:15-12:30 Discussion:

Wrapping up / looking forward (to the fall workshop)

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